Friday, March 27, 2009

Raven Rising #3: Third Time Is Not The Charm

This episode was actually recorded nearly a month ago, but due to various (and many) problems with technology, we weren’t able to release it until now. That old saying about the third time being the charm doesn’t apply to our third episode. We hope you enjoy listening anyhow.

If it sounds like Anna was having trouble hearing what Jonathan is saying throughout the episode, she was. That was one of the many technology issues contributing to this show’s belated release.

-Discussion of the news: Soldiers of Halla cover to be released March 3rd (yes, we know that date is long past), release of the second Before the War novel.
-Shout-out to Anna’s cousin for being the only person to e-mail us!
-A Pen Pals discussion of Saint Dane: what’s up with the quigs, what is his motivation, who is he trying to prove himself to, what’s the deal with his name, and was he ever a normal loving person.
-New segment: Debate of Death! Anna and Jonathan argue over whether the Travelers are doing the right thing or not.
-We realize just how much we need to fix up for our next debate segment. We promise to do better next time!
-Time for the wrap up. Anna and Jonathan are not very happy by this time, and we have yet another discussion about how much technology hates us.
-A random Elli tangent.
-We talk about our plans for the next few episodes. Episode four will be a special talking entirely about Before the War: Book Two.

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